Sun-Jupiter: Archetypal Yoga Flow - Jan 24, 2021

Elevate Your Heart ~ Aligning 3rd and 4th Chakras

✨Sun begins to form a conjunction with Jupiter on Jan 9, 2021

✨Sun and Jupiter form an exact conjunction on Jan 29, 2021

✨Sun leaves the conjunction with Jupiter on Feb 17, 2021

This cycle of time opens a window to receiving greater abundance, blessings and light in your life. This is a time of fortunate events that lead to elevated perspectives, growth and expansion.

This class works up to Camel Pose, Ustrasana. A level 1-2 back bend that opens the quads, lifts the heart and frees the soul. Enjoy!

"Let go of what's holding you back and leverage your foundation to achieve the success of growth and expansion in your life." - Erin Aylmer

This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners with some experience of flow based yoga. Recommended props: yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, yoga blanket, eye pillow


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